Utah's West Coast Swing

Thanks for all the years of west coast swing

From its humble beginnings as "In-Between Swing" to what it has become, it has been an amazing journey.  Special thanks to Lancer Gerber & Dan Beesley for letting their "dance baby" grow up with us.  Thanks to the Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE) in Salt Lake and the Murray Arts Center for being the homes for our venue. And most importantly, thank you to all the West Coast Swing dancers in Utah who have supported this Friday night dance for so many years.


It has been a pleasure to service you all and we'll see you out on the dance floor!

Kim Leung

BJ & Eryn Woolston

Interested in West Coast Swing?

For information on lessons, visit https://www.westiekim.com/swing-dance-lessons 

For information on hiring a DJ, visit https://www.westiekim.com/event-dj-salt-lake


Join us for West Coast Swing on Tuesday nights at 3Ts West Coast Swing!

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